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Parnia Handicrafts

Parnia manufacturing group with years of experience and employing the latest technologies in the world as the sole license holder multiplication and Production memorial and bars embossed of its activity began over 30 years ago.

Coinage of the Prophet in order Sepah Bank, the central bank license and commemorative coins donated by the bank confirms the ability is unique to this collection.

Mr. Rahim Parnia records management
More than 30 years working in various spheres of Gold and Jewelry
- 12 year member of the board of trustees market.
- 8 years of the founding members of the board of directors of Gold Tehran
- 4-year board member of the Union of Manufacturers and Exporters Jewelry
- Member of the Board and CEO of co-production and distribution of gold and silver jewelry in Tehran
-Tvlydknndh Of cultural and artistic works in Tehran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts

gold and silver fine stamps are rectangle or square shaped, similar to postal stamps and have indented edges. One of the other features of these stamps is that it is convex but unlike coins, it has only one side. The origin of the metal stamp in Iran dates back to the second Pahlavi and this ancient art has since been transferred between Iranian artists till today. fine stamps made out of gold and silver are designed officially as memorials for different holidays and national and religious characters . This fine art has gained a special place in Iran’s collector community by incorporating modern technology and contemporary art, to the point that all the manufactured items are now scarce or rare.
parnya Handicrafts, manufacturer of memorial silver and gold coins in Iran
purchase of gold and silver artwork, exquisite gold and silver gifts from Parnyia Artifacts Parnyia Artifacts has presented its costumers with special and unique gifts by creating beautiful and stylish gifts made out of gold and silver. If you are looking for select and custom gold and silver products , make sure to check out the products listed below


Saderat Bank
Mellat Bank
Sepah bank
Maskan Bank
Sina Bank
Tosee tavon bank
Boloor o Shisshe Isfehan Company
Shokopars Company
Sahar Company
Paksan Company

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